Analyze This! Not the movie! 

I’m so tired of people making fun of other cultures or anything art and music related. Why are religious people such hypocrites? Especially Christians and Catholics? I’m so damn sick of it. I HATE religion. I thought religion teaches you to be kind to others? I NEVER make fun of any cultures from around the world. I never make fun of people in art and music because I work with music. So I understand all this. Let’s analyze this? Do we make fun of people because because we are see them as different and s outsiders? So we react in fear and think, you’re different then me so I have to make a funny! Give me a break of that damn kit kat bar! It’s so damn fucked up! Just stop it. And you do this in front of the kids too? Yeah this is wrong on so many levels! Children are the most perceptive beings there is. Why can’t we all just think twice before we do and say things???


The cutting in line fiasco 

Why must people acting like selfish babies when someone cuts in front of them? Either by driving or standing in line? What the fuck is the big deal people? Do you matter so damn much in the universe that you have to announce, “hey I was here first” blah blah blah shut your ass! Why are people like this? Why must be feel the urge to always be first or in front of others? Is it because of all the pretty little things in life we see on tv and hear on radio that entice us to have these things to make us feel like we are a winner every time? It’s ok to fucking lose people! Not everyone can be s winner! Some people are humble enough that don’t care if they are last. We don’t need to announce it. Just stop! By you reacting like this obviously the other person is going to react then it turns into a brouhaha. Then we call those people animals. Well then stop acting like one. This situation is mainly caused by fear. It’s just like a person meeting a dog. If you act afraid the dog will bark because the fog is afraid you might attack it. We essentially have animal characteristics. So why not just be calm and easy going. When people cut in front of me I really could care less. If it delays me 10-30 minutes who cares! As long as I get where I need to be safely. 

One slight marriage problem well two.

Ok I really don’t understand something. When people get married and the husband calls his wife’s parents mom and dad and vice versa doesn’t that just seem odd and disgusting? Wtf it’s like incest is it not? What I really don’t understand is why would you want to replace your own parents? 

Holiday lame ass excuse!

Doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not. More of us need to unite. But it should be on a daily basis. Not holidays. Holidays are just a stupid excuse to see your family. But why do you need an excuse? You don’t need a “special day” every day should be special. 

Are you sick?

I like music is food for the soul better. That’s what I always say. Music is nourishment. If you say music is medicine then that means your mind and soul is sick. But if you say it’s food for the mind body and soul that means you can’t survive without it. Just like food and water for your physical body. It’s like a car that runs on gasoline.I really don’t get people. I’m always careful on the words I choose. When you mention the word medicine right away that means you’re sick. So why must you choose that word? Your words are your reflections. 

Retro Ass Kicker 

Sound design for indie video games is a lot of fun but it’s really an ass kicker. It’s actually more involved than mixing a record. People think how difficult can it be. Well it’s just like post production for picture. You have to make the sound go along with what’s going on the screen. But by doing so you have to either have a SFX library and use what you have to blend other sounds together to make new sound. Or you have to go out and record something then use EQ or compression to get the sound you want. Whichever route you take it is still very involved. But it’s a great problem solving session. 

Arrogant Swine! No not that awesome bbq place in Brooklyn NY

I’m so tired of indie video developers coming off as spoiled brats. Most of them act like babies when people disagree with them. It’s so annoying. They’re just like bitching arrogant brainless pigs who roll around in their sty of self loathing social interactions. They’re worse than singers. I’ve worked with all types of people. But indie developers are really a different breathe. Mentally they’re still ten years old. They have no sense of professionalism. It’s not what you know its who you know. Therefore life is a business. Everything can always lead to a job. So why can’t they just be humble?