Analyze This! Not the movie! 

I’m so tired of people making fun of other cultures or anything art and music related. Why are religious people such hypocrites? Especially Christians and Catholics? I’m so damn sick of it. I HATE religion. I thought religion teaches you to be kind to others? I NEVER make fun of any cultures from around the world. I never make fun of people in art and music because I work with music. So I understand all this. Let’s analyze this? Do we make fun of people because because we are see them as different and s outsiders? So we react in fear and think, you’re different then me so I have to make a funny! Give me a break of that damn kit kat bar! It’s so damn fucked up! Just stop it. And you do this in front of the kids too? Yeah this is wrong on so many levels! Children are the most perceptive beings there is. Why can’t we all just think twice before we do and say things???


Holiday lame ass excuse!

Doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not. More of us need to unite. But it should be on a daily basis. Not holidays. Holidays are just a stupid excuse to see your family. But why do you need an excuse? You don’t need a “special day” every day should be special. 


So here’s a deep question for everyone. I was just doing laundry and a sudden thought just hit me. What you hear and what you feel are all frequencies/vibrations. What is it when you are looking at someone or something? Is it still frequencies/vibrations? In a way yes. Right? If you are looking at an object/person it’s made of matter. But matter is made up of frequencies vibrating to form the object. But when you look at something how can it effect your emotion of the brain? Sound can trigger your emotion by it’s own frequencies. But how can looking at something effect your emotions especially if there’s silence? What is it? It’s not the frequencies effecting you. I am really stuck. I can’t think of a solution. I’m almost there but it’s something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


In a time of war, a time of environmental disasters and a time where money is scarce for the average person in this day in age. Music tends to feed our needs as if something is hugging our soul to make us be known that everything will soon pass. It will help us cope. It will help us figure out who we are. You take away music you take away the air we breathe from as well as our connection and oneness of the universe. It’s funny from all the way from ancient civilizations all the way to the 17-1800’s the armed forces marched into battle by the beat of a drum. In modern a modern individual point of view we are fighting to get through the day. Music helps us march to fight for a pleasant and peaceful yet productive day. At least the ones who just want a relief from the sorrow, pain, and suffering one has encountered in their lives.


If movies can portray a story to help you find your inner child, find your voice of strength, stand up to the bully, than so can music. Music can help you find those. Music let’s you say, “fuck you” I’m strong and I’m going to make it! It’s so interesting how music and movies are the peanut butter and jelly to my ears. Everything is inspirational in life, you just have to acknowledge it when it finds you! That’s what great about bring human, you choose your side and you play to win. But of course good will always prevail!


The reason why I write about music and energy s because we all use energy on a daily basis and we all love music. So I just have to put the two categories together. It’s a part of life. A conversation about music and energy can last till you die of old age. That’s how vast the subjects are. I think of the unthinkable sometimes. I’m like a lightbulb that’s always shinning with a bright idea. Speaking of which. I’m very witty with my words. I like puns. For example if I’m driving or walking at night and a lamp post goes off (yes I did use the old term lamp post) I say, “I lost my idea.” Get it? This is how clever I am with my thoughts. When I mix for clients it’s just like me talking to you. I’m a clever one ain’t I?😎😎😎😎


We are all part of the universe and frequencies are what is shaping the universe. Just like our thoughts. Our thoughts shape the universe. Because everything is at a level of thought. Everything emits a frequency therefore our thoughts emit frequencies. The universe is infinite and there are infinite possibilities to create different types of music. These syncopated instrumentation along with beautiful vocals, chord movement, have the ability to alter ones mood. The mood may vary depending on the song and the person. I truly believe that people who dedicate there life to something, whom are strong passionate individuals inside and out. Whatever is present in the universe can be classified in to main categories. Pros and Cons or in depth in a philosophical sense positive and negative. Earlier when i had mentioned about everything makes a sound and everything emits a frequency relates to the fact that energy is the nucleus of everything. Its the foundation if you will. Music is energy we are energy. We are creating audible energy known as music. Music is creating who we are and what we would like to become. Or right then and there, it’s making us feel a certain way right then in the “now.” Everything is a cycle. Beginning, middle, and an end. But, then momentum brings it back to the beginning. Just because one song finishes does not mean another won’t start after. As well as just because a person dies does not mean another won’t be born. Most people do not stop and think how we are all connected. Just stop what you are doing, right this second. Put the book down. close your eyes or look around and really think i mean really think about this. We are all connected. Our thoughts are shaping the universe. Each living being has an important role in the universe. And we have human “beings” killing other human “beings”? Why can’t you just let them be? Your thoughts and actions are shaping the universe and some people who do these horrific acts are too damn stupid to really understand this!