Are you sick?

I like music is food for the soul better. That’s what I always say. Music is nourishment. If you say music is medicine then that means your mind and soul is sick. But if you say it’s food for the mind body and soul that means you can’t survive without it. Just like food and water for your physical body. It’s like a car that runs on gasoline.I really don’t get people. I’m always careful on the words I choose. When you mention the word medicine right away that means you’re sick. So why must you choose that word? Your words are your reflections. 



life is energy, life is yin and yang, balance, and yet oneness. Life is Kung fu. Life is music. But if you listen to Kung fu music while on a daily basis and peace a martial art. You sort of get an understand how, “where the energy flows, the attention goes.” A quote by James Redfield. That’s also Kung-Fu. Music is life. It’s all energy. It’s one giant circle. But you to move smoothly like the element of water. Solidness of the wood. And then there’s the rest. Lol But when you become a Sifu therefore you reach your highest consciousness. You’re the wiseone. But you’re the master. That’s what Sifu means. Master, then got passed down for the student to become the master. I believe once you have done this , you become teacher. And then once that teacher becomes a master you have reached your highest consciousness now. It’s cycle. But it’s insynch with each other. Right now there’s too much negative. So what needs to happen is that the positive energy needs to gain some momentum and shift a little more so it can balance itself back. People need to stop panicking and start focussing on what to prevent something before it does. Once that energy can do so then there will be more piece and harmony. But if you try to screw with me I will fight back. That’s what Kung-Fu teaches us. We all need some positive energy.  ☺️✌️❤️🙏🏻


In a time of war, a time of environmental disasters and a time where money is scarce for the average person in this day in age. Music tends to feed our needs as if something is hugging our soul to make us be known that everything will soon pass. It will help us cope. It will help us figure out who we are. You take away music you take away the air we breathe from as well as our connection and oneness of the universe. It’s funny from all the way from ancient civilizations all the way to the 17-1800’s the armed forces marched into battle by the beat of a drum. In modern a modern individual point of view we are fighting to get through the day. Music helps us march to fight for a pleasant and peaceful yet productive day. At least the ones who just want a relief from the sorrow, pain, and suffering one has encountered in their lives.


I really feel bad for the current generation. The 19980s and 90s was such a great time to be a kid. You had great movies, cartoons, tv shows, video games that were actually video games not this CGI nonsense, and music. Music today wow just wow seems like only it’s this dance pop EDM era. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but thats all you hear about every where you go and watch on tv. Why did MTV go down hill? Where did the music go. Shouldn’t MTV be changed to RTV reality TV? I don’t get it. MTV and VH1 were my go to channels for seeing what record I will buy next. It’s funny how all goes back to it’s what people with LOTS and LOTS of money like. So now they get the hype and people are focussed on which celebrity is in the spotlight now. It’s really messed up. Now everything is evolving on that. Now we are being brainwashed by watching this crap. They make money from all the ratings and sponsors. And we wonder what went wrong? Now there’s Palladia, Fuse, MTV 2 and VH1 changed but its meh now. There shouldn’t be an MTV 2. Why did they make an MTV 2 and make that channel about music videos? Just make MTV 2, MTV again and make MTV now RTV and problem solved. We are slowly becoming more and more like the movie Idiocracy. This all needs to stop. And we need to go back to the ways that have worked. All this “change” is not working for US.


I’m not a musician but when I record with artists and everyone else that I know that records artists, The artists always “need” to practice/jam right before they want to do Take 1 (TK1). Why is that though? Is it because they are unsure? Need to hear the instruments when in tune with each other? They need to get a practice run before your crisply record. But they do want to hear it right after you mic everything up. But time is of the essence and they are very concerned how much they are paying. Therefore the client needs to do their part, if you are concerned about the time and money. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But they started out with no denari! But it’s which route you wanna take. Let me do my part Miking takes time. Knowing the songs before hand and have everything perfect where there see no duck ups. Then the faster I get to make everyone happy sfx founding good. And you guys are just nailing everything on TK1 (if you weren’t following my labeling method of my work flow by now) Or if you have the budget then heck let’s take our time then I can really produce. You need to have your part done right and so does mine. Let me help you reach your potential. I like the push people. To text them. To see if they can really be willing to work. If you put up with me well then it’s going to come out great in the end. Just lets take our time do it 200%. Yeah 200%? No it’s 100% however 200% is going to be better. Why shoot 1 when you can make it better. And when you strive for that it becomes the best. Why just be meh, I’m good and I’m happy with it. Just do it for yourself and family that you can be better to really make this serious. Do you want to sell 3-4 songs on iTunes or whatever ahd you use all that money. Well you know what to save you all that money just get a small recording setup. You get a Mac with protools, cables, headphones and cue stations. And I’ll bring all the gear and mics. That’s it. It’s cheaper that way. It’s win win everyone’s happy. It’s cheaper for you and I’m making money and I like traveling. So why not? Travel to teach people how to record. For the New York tri state area.


I relate music to food and color. The song title is the name of the dish and the artists name is the restaurant. And the genre is their flavor. So why do I only come up with great ideas at night? Is it because I have experienced so much hours earlier and my thoughts are being stored into a boiling pot and by the time I lay in bed a delicious stew tends to form from that boiling pot.

You know how on your birthday your birthday cake is sitting right in front of you and everyone says make a wish but don’t tell anyone or it may not come true? Why is that? Is it like a jinx to your own wish? I would think when you say a wish out loud the universe responds much quicker. I’m not really understanding this one. Yeah it’s a superstition but I think it’s completely bogus not sharing your wish with your friends and family. It doesn’t make sense.