The cutting in line fiasco 

Why must people acting like selfish babies when someone cuts in front of them? Either by driving or standing in line? What the fuck is the big deal people? Do you matter so damn much in the universe that you have to announce, “hey I was here first” blah blah blah shut your ass! Why are people like this? Why must be feel the urge to always be first or in front of others? Is it because of all the pretty little things in life we see on tv and hear on radio that entice us to have these things to make us feel like we are a winner every time? It’s ok to fucking lose people! Not everyone can be s winner! Some people are humble enough that don’t care if they are last. We don’t need to announce it. Just stop! By you reacting like this obviously the other person is going to react then it turns into a brouhaha. Then we call those people animals. Well then stop acting like one. This situation is mainly caused by fear. It’s just like a person meeting a dog. If you act afraid the dog will bark because the fog is afraid you might attack it. We essentially have animal characteristics. So why not just be calm and easy going. When people cut in front of me I really could care less. If it delays me 10-30 minutes who cares! As long as I get where I need to be safely. 


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