Analyze This! Not the movie! 

I’m so tired of people making fun of other cultures or anything art and music related. Why are religious people such hypocrites? Especially Christians and Catholics? I’m so damn sick of it. I HATE religion. I thought religion teaches you to be kind to others? I NEVER make fun of any cultures from around the world. I never make fun of people in art and music because I work with music. So I understand all this. Let’s analyze this? Do we make fun of people because because we are see them as different and s outsiders? So we react in fear and think, you’re different then me so I have to make a funny! Give me a break of that damn kit kat bar! It’s so damn fucked up! Just stop it. And you do this in front of the kids too? Yeah this is wrong on so many levels! Children are the most perceptive beings there is. Why can’t we all just think twice before we do and say things???


How it works 

Remember this. Energy flows where attention goes. If you don’t get it now you will get that quote one day. Just have to understand how energy works. 

Town of bedrock 

before we can build ourselves up sometimes we must hit rock bottom. Breathing deep and having the ability to stop for a moment and look at the situation as if you’re looking through a camera lens or watching it on the screen can really save us from the insanity of fucking up all the time. You just need to say holy shit I understand just by looking. Be attentive! Pay attention. Detail is so important. Focus is what gives us the ability to build a foundation and the will and dedication makes us build ourselves to go higher or even forward. 

Self trickery 

So driving home for an hour from kung-fu class I thought music was playing the whole time, but when I got home I saw that the radio was off. It was all in my head. You can trick your brain into anything. Just like be successful and happy. But once you trick, the treat is to act upon it. Therefore you will be successful and happy. 🙏🏻✌🏻️💗

Fly like an eagle, but I do hate the eagles, that’s a whole other topic. ✌️😋✌

Anyone ever see that video of the guy in the crazy Adams Family looking costume? The keys on the keyboard are not moving at all. It’s just someone bouncing/reverse juggling if you will. Someone played the piano to the awesome reverse juggling. That sound is sitting on top of the camera mic sound which is ambient noise, such as wind. I have no clue what’s the purpose of the cable next to the keyboard. Also it’s very common to have an instrument or midi cable. On the sides is very unlikely. I’m like the Sheldon Cooper of audio lol. Still did an awesome job though. I like facts. Stuff that’s going to work. But I rather discover them on my own. Trial and error is how you reach true consciousness. When you have self awareness you can handle yourself in any jam. Just remain calm and have plenty of focus. That’s how the musician, editor, audio mixer, pianist, and reverse juggler received so many likes. It’s because they just said hey let’s do this. And they naturally did it. So natural that it was just an eagle learning how to fly. Because once you fly you then soar. Without one you couldn’t have the other. It’s all balance…do you get my slogan? Everything has balance? Do you get it now ?  It’s all balance. I couldn’t it do it without you but let me be the coach. My job is to listen. Give some insight and push each other to make some great. Just let me do my thing and make it great. Rome was not built in a day. 


the yin yang of mixing 

Oh snap I just threw one pillow off my bed and now just use two. One on the left and one on the right. Was using a huge pillow on my left and it was very unbalanced for my neck. Now with this pillow my neck is more aligned and well balanced. See everything does have balance? 😎✌🏻️🙏🏻🌓