Fly like an eagle, but I do hate the eagles, that’s a whole other topic. ✌️😋✌

Anyone ever see that video of the guy in the crazy Adams Family looking costume? The keys on the keyboard are not moving at all. It’s just someone bouncing/reverse juggling if you will. Someone played the piano to the awesome reverse juggling. That sound is sitting on top of the camera mic sound which is ambient noise, such as wind. I have no clue what’s the purpose of the cable next to the keyboard. Also it’s very common to have an instrument or midi cable. On the sides is very unlikely. I’m like the Sheldon Cooper of audio lol. Still did an awesome job though. I like facts. Stuff that’s going to work. But I rather discover them on my own. Trial and error is how you reach true consciousness. When you have self awareness you can handle yourself in any jam. Just remain calm and have plenty of focus. That’s how the musician, editor, audio mixer, pianist, and reverse juggler received so many likes. It’s because they just said hey let’s do this. And they naturally did it. So natural that it was just an eagle learning how to fly. Because once you fly you then soar. Without one you couldn’t have the other. It’s all balance…do you get my slogan? Everything has balance? Do you get it now ?  It’s all balance. I couldn’t it do it without you but let me be the coach. My job is to listen. Give some insight and push each other to make some great. Just let me do my thing and make it great. Rome was not built in a day. 



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