life is energy, life is yin and yang, balance, and yet oneness. Life is Kung fu. Life is music. But if you listen to Kung fu music while on a daily basis and peace a martial art. You sort of get an understand how, “where the energy flows, the attention goes.” A quote by James Redfield. That’s also Kung-Fu. Music is life. It’s all energy. It’s one giant circle. But you to move smoothly like the element of water. Solidness of the wood. And then there’s the rest. Lol But when you become a Sifu therefore you reach your highest consciousness. You’re the wiseone. But you’re the master. That’s what Sifu means. Master, then got passed down for the student to become the master. I believe once you have done this , you become teacher. And then once that teacher becomes a master you have reached your highest consciousness now. It’s cycle. But it’s insynch with each other. Right now there’s too much negative. So what needs to happen is that the positive energy needs to gain some momentum and shift a little more so it can balance itself back. People need to stop panicking and start focussing on what to prevent something before it does. Once that energy can do so then there will be more piece and harmony. But if you try to screw with me I will fight back. That’s what Kung-Fu teaches us. We all need some positive energy.  ☺️✌️❤️🙏🏻


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