So here’s a deep question for everyone. I was just doing laundry and a sudden thought just hit me. What you hear and what you feel are all frequencies/vibrations. What is it when you are looking at someone or something? Is it still frequencies/vibrations? In a way yes. Right? If you are looking at an object/person it’s made of matter. But matter is made up of frequencies vibrating to form the object. But when you look at something how can it effect your emotion of the brain? Sound can trigger your emotion by it’s own frequencies. But how can looking at something effect your emotions especially if there’s silence? What is it? It’s not the frequencies effecting you. I am really stuck. I can’t think of a solution. I’m almost there but it’s something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


4 thoughts on “THOUGHT CONUNDRUM

  1. When you see something it’s not exactly frequencies you are seeing but the reflection of light bouncing off. Light is measured in wavelengths and so are sounds and frequency. Everything we encounter effects us by way of these wavelengths, wether it be sound, light , heat, or touch.

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