Music is our scapegoat to what is making us feel not like our normal selves. It’s very therapeutic. For 3-4 minutes can you be anywhere be anyone or feel any way you wish for that limited auditory experience. Modern day music is not any different from music in the past. The only thing that remains the same are the messages it gives to the listener. How can music make one cry or smile? These frequencies seem to overpower our neurological impulses that makes us feel at a lightened state of euphoria without taking any mind altering substances. or medication to change our social and emotional state of being rather than state of mind. Amazingly you can feel like you are drowning in your own tears and your own way to happiness if you were on a tropical island drinking. margaritas. So how can this mystery be solved? What makes us feel a certain way we do when we listen to anything not just music related? No doubt about it that it has something to do with chemicals in our brains affecting our emotions due to what we hear or even see. What’s really amazing is how the tempo can actually make us feel like we just took an energy pill or act as if someone pressed cruise control.


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