Music philosophy is mainly just about what music does to the human mind but what about the soul? Is the soul a being or some form of energy? Or is it just an emotion that is somewhere in the mind and we think of it as energy or a being? This one is a real thinker. The interesting thing about philosophy is that there’s no right or wrong answer or even just one answer for that matter. About a week ago I was laying in bed, i felt myself drifting off but the weirdest thing happened. Im laying on my right side and in my right ear i hear a distant whisper it sounded like a woman calling my name “Michael” Thats all I heard. it was the strangest thing. Was I crushing someone? Im not fat or anything and i wasn’t laying on top of anyone. So what gives? Sometimes when I’m editing or mixing my ears play tricks on me. But not like this when no music was playing. i swear it sounded like a real voice. But was it my imagination? Or am i so used to hearing things that my ears just produced a voice just out of thin air and my emotion was tricking my brain? Could that be it? I have no idea. 


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