Our thoughts are like paintbrushes, painting on an invisible canvas that is the mental workspace that gives us the whole human consciousness experience. When you close your eyes and listen to music what do you see? Try it. Really have a clear mind. But form a picture or a music video in your head. When the music makes you feel a certain way your feelings become thoughts, and therefore with some people, thoughts become actions. Just like Mr. Mike Dooley said, “thoughts become things.” Music can enhance these thoughts, or help you get some magical epiphany and say, “eureka,” now I can finally write my book, bench press 250lbs, or whatever it may be. Music is a natural healthy dose of adrenaline. For some people it helps them cope with pain physically and mentally and for some it can enhance the emotional pain. And for others like me, it just makes the world go round and surpasses me by gazing into into my imagination with my eyes closed what I want to accomplish next.



  1. I do like to listen to upbeat music on a regular basis and especially when I would like to change my ‘state of mind’ however I have not thought to use it during visualization exercises. I am going to try that. Thanks!

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  2. Music is a major part of daily life for my family. My 5yo can’t *not* dance to many songs, LOL. Great idea about creating your own internal “video”. That will be something fun to discuss with my kiddos too. Thank you for sharing!

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