The reason why I write about music and energy s because we all use energy on a daily basis and we all love music. So I just have to put the two categories together. It’s a part of life. A conversation about music and energy can last till you die of old age. That’s how vast the subjects are. I think of the unthinkable sometimes. I’m like a lightbulb that’s always shinning with a bright idea. Speaking of which. I’m very witty with my words. I like puns. For example if I’m driving or walking at night and a lamp post goes off (yes I did use the old term lamp post) I say, “I lost my idea.” Get it? This is how clever I am with my thoughts. When I mix for clients it’s just like me talking to you. I’m a clever one ain’t I?😎😎😎😎


4 thoughts on “ANYMORE BRIGHT IDEAS?

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