I really feel bad for the current generation. The 19980s and 90s was such a great time to be a kid. You had great movies, cartoons, tv shows, video games that were actually video games not this CGI nonsense, and music. Music today wow just wow seems like only it’s this dance pop EDM era. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but thats all you hear about every where you go and watch on tv. Why did MTV go down hill? Where did the music go. Shouldn’t MTV be changed to RTV reality TV? I don’t get it. MTV and VH1 were my go to channels for seeing what record I will buy next. It’s funny how all goes back to it’s what people with LOTS and LOTS of money like. So now they get the hype and people are focussed on which celebrity is in the spotlight now. It’s really messed up. Now everything is evolving on that. Now we are being brainwashed by watching this crap. They make money from all the ratings and sponsors. And we wonder what went wrong? Now there’s Palladia, Fuse, MTV 2 and VH1 changed but its meh now. There shouldn’t be an MTV 2. Why did they make an MTV 2 and make that channel about music videos? Just make MTV 2, MTV again and make MTV now RTV and problem solved. We are slowly becoming more and more like the movie Idiocracy. This all needs to stop. And we need to go back to the ways that have worked. All this “change” is not working for US.


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