I’m not a musician but when I record with artists and everyone else that I know that records artists, The artists always “need” to practice/jam right before they want to do Take 1 (TK1). Why is that though? Is it because they are unsure? Need to hear the instruments when in tune with each other? They need to get a practice run before your crisply record. But they do want to hear it right after you mic everything up. But time is of the essence and they are very concerned how much they are paying. Therefore the client needs to do their part, if you are concerned about the time and money. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But they started out with no denari! But it’s which route you wanna take. Let me do my part Miking takes time. Knowing the songs before hand and have everything perfect where there see no duck ups. Then the faster I get to make everyone happy sfx founding good. And you guys are just nailing everything on TK1 (if you weren’t following my labeling method of my work flow by now) Or if you have the budget then heck let’s take our time then I can really produce. You need to have your part done right and so does mine. Let me help you reach your potential. I like the push people. To text them. To see if they can really be willing to work. If you put up with me well then it’s going to come out great in the end. Just lets take our time do it 200%. Yeah 200%? No it’s 100% however 200% is going to be better. Why shoot 1 when you can make it better. And when you strive for that it becomes the best. Why just be meh, I’m good and I’m happy with it. Just do it for yourself and family that you can be better to really make this serious. Do you want to sell 3-4 songs on iTunes or whatever ahd you use all that money. Well you know what to save you all that money just get a small recording setup. You get a Mac with protools, cables, headphones and cue stations. And I’ll bring all the gear and mics. That’s it. It’s cheaper that way. It’s win win everyone’s happy. It’s cheaper for you and I’m making money and I like traveling. So why not? Travel to teach people how to record. For the New York tri state area.



  1. musicians are starting so early and its great i love it and they want to record their art. A lot of them may still live at home or are in the Artists struggle (we all know about that) juggling school some have started families very young which was my case. Artist now have so many tools and resources that we didn’t have when i were younger, hell you can go right from desktop straight to stores which brings me too my point. We had to learn to play, that was our focus as musicians. We had to use a studio with an engineer and a producer to oversee. The task were divided we played engineer recorded the producer over saw it. Everybody gave full attention to their craft, in the end..better product and use off studio time. We did`t have to come to the studio to rehearse, the band was already rehearsed.

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