We enjoy listening to music and how it makes us feel. This is a bond we all share. Energy comes in many forms. This energy is the most dependent one of all. Its the only one that wont leave you. Caffeine is a natural stimulant and music is a man made stimulant that the reaction is for more enhanced than caffeine. If you think that music is not man made than I beg to differ. Are the instruments not man made? Is the pluck of a string on a guitar, the banging on a drum, or lips on a saxophone not being made by a human being? Therefor it’s man made. Music tends to be hypnotic. Most of the time youre the one putting yourself in a trance. Most people listen to music in a car or on an office computer, headphones, or ear buds. Not listening to music on a home theatre system really defeats the purpose of hearing and understanding the stereo imaging. Playing music in a car is really just to feel the groove. It’s hard to get a feel where the instruments are panned. If you’re the passenger you hear whats coming out of the left speaker or if you’re the drive you hear whats coming out of the right speaker. The best and only way to hear and enjoy music or any type of sound is being in the center of the two speakers.

Music is an endless journey to fulfill the soul. What the soul wants and what the soul creates is the definition of who we are. Music is the only thing that comes close to touching our soul. What I still do not understand is how do these vibrating frequencies traveling through a medium effect our human minds. and give us an impulse on an involuntary movement to tap our feet or dance in our seats.  These rhythmic frequencies act like a doctor striking the rubber hammer on or knee cap to check our reflexes. I wonder if any studies have been made as to why and what goes on in our brain when music is like a natural reflex to make us bob our head or tap our feet. Something like this a beautiful yet mystifying story of the human agenda. It’s amazing that everything makes a sound. You name it, it makes a sound. Try to name one thing that doesn’t make a sound. Go ahead. I challenge you. Even the plants make a sound. NASA has used parabolic microphones pointed at planets and used a frequency generator to find that frequency that the plants are emitting and generate the frequency so that the human ears can hear it. Throughout my life I’ve always felt discourage on how violent and cruel people in the world can be. Music has helped me look at it from a sorrowful yet beautiful point of view. Almost like a montage. I never feel alone because of the singer speaking directly to me. And I never feel lost because of the the beat is taking the lead and it’s my tour guide for the 3-4 minutes. Words are an emotional adaptation on how to make us think and feel emotionally. The beat has a few emotional properties. The sense of being happy, sad, mad, energetic or lazy. The ability to move faster or slower.It can help us  be more productive in our daily activities. Think of it as a natural stimulant. Coffee, energy drinks, or even protein drinks/bars are not necessary. Why must we ingest these substances when they can be harmful to our health when you take too much. Music consumption is not harmful to us. But the only thing is harmful is how loud turn up the volume. The classical music can help stimulate the neurons in our brain. This is part of the Mozart effect. There is so much physicality and philosophy in music. Maybe a touch of quantum physics.


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