I am tired of hearing complaints about the music industry. People don’t buy music anymore, everyone is recording in their homes (not knowing what they are doing), therefore recording studios are being put out of business. Ok but what satisfaction do we get out of complaining? We don’t accomplish a damn thing! So STOP IT! Are we in too deep that we have to give up? There is no such thing. There is always salvation and redemption damn it! Just stop bitching and moaning! What needs to happen is that everyone needs to come together and say ok, “how can we work together and fix this so everyone is making money and everyone is fine and dandy?” What is going on in your heads? Why are you all just giving up and accepting it? Why aren’t there Tv commercials and radio ads to say stop downloading music and please support the arts. If you can buy a pizza pie that costs about $22.00 lets say. I think you can afford to buy an album or a single. The pizza pie is only a temporary investment to satisfy your taste buds. But an album is a long term investment. So why are you paying for a short term investment that only lasts you a couple of minutes or hours? When you could buy your new or old favorite music that will last you decades? I am surprised that there is no computer hacker that can hack in these sites that pirate music and just wipe the sites out? That’s what we need. We need some kind of task for in favor of the music industry to monitor whats going on and block these pirate websites. I think if we do something other than complaining and bending over and say, “ok ok I give I give, uncle, wah wah wah” we can really accomplish something other then complaining till we are red in the face! It’s just like economy, both parties need to stop pointing fingers and do the, well he said she said routine. They need to start learning to work together and come to a mutual agreements. If they can’t seem to do this, doesn’t mean we can’t do this in the music industry. Just like Henry Ford once said, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, well you’re probably right. In chronological order it would be rise and then fall. But in this case I put fall first because in order for something to fall it has to be risen first. But its a vicious cycle and I like to be optimistic. The music industry and our economy is falling. But soon it will be rising once again and we will pick it up.


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