Music has a big part in helping people to be motivated. So why not allow people to play music in the work place. I think you get a positive and a very productive work day. Since there is take your kid to work day why not have, take your favorite album to work day and have a special lunch in where everyone can mingle and discuss their favorite albums. I guarantee once lunch is over everyone will be in such a great mood and they will actually develop a co worker friendship. So why not allow employees to play music in the work place? Most people hate their job. But if they can be allowed to listen to music during work ours than they might begin to like there job. If the employers cant motivate their employees then let the employees motivate themselves with listening to their favorite music in the work place. Our bodies run run on fuel such as food and water. Our soul runs on positive energy. Name one thing that is not positive about music.? All it does is make you feel a certain way. I compare music to a drug because it enhances your feelings for those few minutes. A certain song can really make you feel high. Name a scenario, any scenario where music wouldn’t help you get through any type of situation. It’s amazing how many places in the world have there own instruments, songs, and dance. There is just not “ONE” in this equation. Statistics come into play in the audio world because of the patterns and objects we can make. Some people think of patterns, shapes, or colors. People who think like this have a love for art are artists and just don’t even know it. Music is an unconditional love the soul feels more powerful and meaningful than physical love. Music can help enhance physical love. Music can help enhance beautiful memories or can turn the horrible memories into just the past and time to move forward. Ever though music can help trigger a though a memory or just a mood lifting experience. It has the tendency to turn the bad into good. Just like the old adage, “out with the old in with the new.” It’s almost a state of helping evolution. If you will. Just like food we all have a dish we can have over and over and not get tired of it. but after a while we change it up. Us humans like variety. Thanks to statistics and physics we have the ability to make that happen. Perception is the ideal definition of reality. The things I see feel and hear are a figment of my imagination. all these sounds touch my soul not my ear drums. In a philosophical sense I use my soul to hear. What is actually going on when our bodies feel tingly when we hear a beautiful piece of music? It’s almost like a type of euphoria that is built into our internal system. Everything is relative everything is emotion. Therefore we are feeling and experiencing the forces of the cosmos. Emotion is a big part of reading someone’s vibe/energy if you will. Everything is energy. But how can we enhance all types of energy? Human beings strive for more and are never satisfied. Do you think that there is a limit to everything? There can’t be. There are endless possibilities that the soul craves and wants to create. Everyone has many ways to make themselves happy. Some people are happy some are not and some just need something to enhance the joy. So many shapes colors and sizes. Three things that we see on a day to day basis. Audio and visual go hand in hand. What we hear we close our eyes imagination is another great gift we have but, imagination can be created and manifest into reality. Just like a wish. What the mind see the soul creates. Or in other words thoughts become things. Everything in my thoughts has been emotionally enhanced a diminished due to music. Pain or joy, music helps cope or improve one’s soul. The way we feel our soul is the way we feel music. When we feel a certain way that is our soul telling you something is wrong or right. just because we can’t see hear or physically touch our soul does not mean it’s non existent. All perception meets self awareness. People are sentimental in their own way. I’m not good with words so i let music tell the story for me. I wonder how animals react to certain types of music compared to humans do. If we both react the same in some cases there is a link we share. After all we all came from the same particle. The one thing I don’t understand is why people judge you by the clothes you wear or because of what you listen to. It’s like they don’t want others to be happy so therefore they are the unhappy ones. If so they were happy they would be more understanding and more open minded. Funny how we think of a bird chirping as singing. After all it’s just communication. Music has been present since the beginning of time. It just took some time to find the proper arrangements


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