Music is a form of self meditation. Work Giving you stress? Your life partner getting on your last nerve? Kids bugging you? Or whatever the case may be. Do you feel like escaping? Just put some music in and “lively up yourself.” It tends to have an effect on people. You can make anyone believe anything with music not that Im saying its a good or a bad thing. Its just an uncontrollable power that subconsciously controls your mind. Its almost a form of self hypnosis. There are infinite amounts of possibilities as well as capabilities music has. Music is a form of energy there for it can take on many forms. There for its positive energy and should bring nothing but love. Music takes me back in time. I am just reliving everything that has happened has already happened in my soul. The music i listen to from the past makes me understand the ties of troubles. Just like the old adage, “history repeats itself.” it does so because its a cycle. Its always a shape of a circle its an on going process. thats why to me the universe is one giant circle The universe is infinite. just like a circle and there is no starting or ending point. Get it? Now go and listen to something from….well you pick the time period. You shall see whats happening with a twist. technology and evolution has evolved but the concept is still there. But, out of all that there is still music. Since the dawn of time there has been and will always be music. Its a part of us and its basically our source of spiritual energy. I know i keep saying it. you are probably sick of me saying it by now. Well not literally more like writing it. Go ahead roll your eyes. I want you to understand and please just let the music make everything dissipate for you. If you listen to music as much as i do, you would have a bigger aura. Music is self expressive. You know someone is feeling the same exact way as you but, they have an easier way of saying it for us. It is more joyous to see or hear by another peaceful way of self expression from a different approach or perspective.


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