So through the years of my life I have always been thinking, am i real? Are you real? Are we real? And is this real? I always felt at the same time I was thinking of being real or not, i felt like i was some place else sleeping and i am dreaming looking down on myself watching what i am doing. So does this mean when we die we wake up and go back to reality? Meaning new birth, new life just from the end of our physical bodies? So how what does this have to do with music? Well i will tell you. Music is food for the soul it brings yourself together or unites you with your soul if you will. As if you were separated. Music tends to bring everything back in place when something is lost or if something was never there. Music tends to alter the mood in positive and negative forms. Its a mind altering drug that is invisible.  But if you use music to escape from the bad vibes, then DO IT. Music will alter your mood for the good if you just think it will. If you are angry and you listen to music and all you keep feeling is anger then the music will increase your anger no matter how emotional or how upbeat the piece of music is. Even though the musical creativity of the performer is so beautiful it should just make you feel good about yourself. No matter what the negativity, or truth in some cases being said. Music expression is some kind of subliminal message that is trying to be transmitted through not only sound waves but vibrations. Well, actually the sound waves are vibrations that are mixed frequencies traveling through a medium and are vibrating and bouncing off of objects for us to hear a sound.  So what exactly do I mean by vibrating? These frequencies are vibrating in such a way we cannot feel it physically, So therefore we feel it emotionally. But what does this mean? It means that its touching our souls. Its making us feel one with the body. It vibrates and takes the shape and form of our souls and manifests a beautiful sensation on our emotions. In most cases thats why you random dance in your seat or bob your head or even whistle. You are just feeling good vibrations.


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