For many centuries human beings have been looking up at the heavens at night. Whether it was for studying or admiring. Centuries later this is sill done by many people. But it has not been acknowledged by many as well. When you live where concrete is king and the buildings try to reach the heavens human beings will only look down and forward most of the time. In suburbia there are humans that look up. But there are fewer than you think. There is absolutely nothing wrong with moving forward and looking where you are going. Sometimes we just need to stop and look up and see the little lighted dots and have our imagination form pictures. I feel that imagination has been lost over the years. Everything has been done and given to you. So there are not too many imaginative human beings out there. At night when you gaze up into the heavens mother nature is serenading you with all the wonders that she can amplify in her own way.


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