Life’s advertisement with music

It’s amazing how music can hypnotize us and send us subliminal messages to buy a product or service. If music can trick our brains to do something, that means we can be influenced for good and evil. Why isn’t there a certain type of music that ca help people do more good in the world? I don’t get it. There’s music to help us relax to fall asleep using binaural beats. Fast tempo music can help is move faster and to be more productive. Classical music can help our memory when we study for a test. So why can’t it help us to help people or to do a nice gesture for someone. I know the person chooses what to do with the major and it’s their perception that matters. But if you think about the philosophy behind the Mozart effect and advertisement we can be tricked for good or evil. The human mind can be easily influenced for all kinds of purposes.


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