Probability of thoughts and music

What is interesting to me is that if a person has a thought of lets say an invention and you read an aline forum or you meet someone at a bar and they randomly mention they have an idea for an invention but then you realize, that’s funny I had the same exact idea. Now is it because of the energy that was transmitted from your own thoughts and passed it onto someone else or could it be that the laws of probability and statistics came into play. Yeah there is over a billion people on this planet but there has to be other people who share the same thoughts and feelings you have or even look like you or have a similar voice. This kind of applies to music as well. With all the music out there, there are some songs from different artists that sound very similar but its the vibe thats similar not the chords not the vocal melody. It can be the vibe that they give off. But the chords and the vocal melody can be a derivative of another song that was influenced them. I don’t like this. For me doing the same thing or hearing the same thing gets old very fast. If I listen to music I don’t want to say to myself or to other people I feel like I’ve heard that before. I want to say holy shit, this is new. Why haven’t I heard this before. Yeah it’s good to be inspired by other artists but that doesn’t mean you should subconsciously sound like them. It’s rather annoying.


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