creative recognition

Anyone who can tell a story from a movie or song is really a true creative person. A short story such a three to four minutes for a song is easier than one hour and a half or a four hour movie. Still no mater what the duration may be the whole creative process of getting your point across from beginning to end and actually make it a hundred percent complete takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication. There are people in this world who start something and never finish. And there are those who actually finish or those who say they are going to start something or say they are going to finish but never actually go through on what they are saying. Why waste your breath. Talk is cheap. If you think you’re not going to start or finish just don’t say anything. Even when you know for sure you want to start something and you finish it all the way why not just show yourself and others rather than “trying to convince everyone including yourself” that you will proceed and reach your goal. Stop moving vocal chords and start using your body. If I see it then I’ll believe it!


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