Music philosophy 2 catchy title huh?

I relate music to food and color. The song title is the name of the dish and the artists name is the restaurant. And the genre is their flavor. So why do I only come up with great ideas at night? Is it because I have experienced so much hours earlier and my thoughts are being stored into a boiling pot and by the time I lay in bed a delicious stew tends to form from that boiling pot.

You know how on your birthday your birthday cake is sitting right in front of you and everyone says make a wish but don’t tell anyone or it may not come true? Why is that? Is it like a jinx to your own wish? I would think when you say a wish out loud the universe responds much quicker. I’m not really understanding this one. Yeah it’s a superstition but I think it’s completely bogus not sharing your wish with your friends and family. It doesn’t make sense.


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