This topic is long but it’s deep!

Have you ever heard of an anechoic chamber? non-reflective, non-echoing room designed to completely absorb reflections of sound. Being in a room that has no sound can drive a person mad. We are so used to hearing anything in a room that has reflections. So what can drive you insane, is the sound from your world which you are so used to reflection being present in the space you are in. You take something away like the gift of hearing or sight and you can mess with someone emotionally. But what if you alter it like the anechoic gambler? Meaning, you are able to hear but to hear your organs, your blood pumping. This is not something we are used to. Imagine sitting in this room oh let’s say for about eight to twelve hours and no human contact at all. Your thoughts will really beat you up emotionally. Have you ever worn gun mufflers or high end ear plugs? Imagine that but the space you are in is super quiet. Oh wow I just thought of something really interesting. What if now bare with me. You cough, sneeze, yawn or even flagellant? Will you be able to hear it or will it seem as if there’s a natural mute button that was just pressed?

It’s really freaky how dead the space is and you can hear your own heart beat and flowing through your veins.

I tend to think of the worst case scenario so I can prepare myself in any situation. My thoughts can be very scary at times. So it can very frightening. This is not on a daily basis. The only thing that suppresses these thoughts of course is music. A negative thought is not healthy but it’s like I have to well I must thing of these things do when and if it happens I know how to react, who to call for help or be the hero in the end. My thoughts are preparing my “spidey sense.” If I train myself by understanding all the different types of people in the world so that I know is something bad will happen.

So it seems like Bill Gates was the last of the great minds to leave us. In the twenty first century. Einstein, Da Vinci, Tesla, Michelangelo just to name a few has of gave us beautiful artwork and outstanding inventions which we still use till this day only slightly modified but the principal is still enact. Who is left now? Who is still standing ? Or for arguments sake who will take a stand? It seems like Mr. Neil Degrass Thyson is in the spotlight now a days. But he’s an Astrophysicist. But I’m talking about an inventor or a major artist who has designed something so enormous he or she did it themselves. Has everything been created and we ran out of ideas? I just don’t understand. It seems like everything exists now. I know nothing about statistics and the laws of probability but this is something we should be questioning. One invention I would love to see is being able to see electrical current. This would save so many lives. But not only that it can see sound. Just think about it. How awesome would it be to see sound. Imagine it can almost be like a virtual reality type of goggles. But you’re looking at reality only seeing waveforms. I don’t care if someone steals my idea. I just want it done. Seeing sound and electrical current will save so many lives.

There is so much chaos in the world. We are destroying ourselves. I doubt we will see the world end by natural causes or ab atrial cosmic collision of planets or whatever it may be. I doubt it because we are in the state of ending the world and its our own doing.

There are so many things we still haven’t discovered here on earth. Exploring every inch of the bottom of the ocean depths. Exploring the rainforest and learning about every insect or animal. There are so many things on this planet that can possibly cure a disease. Who knows maybe there’s a natural herb or some kind of skin tissue from an animal that can cure blindness or deafness or whatever. We need to focus on this. Pharmaceutical companies are too stupid to switch over to natural medicine. I don’t get it. The side effects are life threatening from modern medicine. If a pharmaceutical company claims it will take to much effort to switch over to safer drugs then they need to be sued! I just want to say fuck you to all of them. I find that movies are weak and music is more powerful and has a stronger and more meaningful message. The Woodstock music festival in 1969 has taught us that music can really empower people for good and can bring human beings together from different backgrounds, cultures and age.

Sound waves can push through air. So it can move water as well. There are a few mind boggling videos on YouTube to watch on how sound can move water. I wonder what kind of theory scientists can come up with improving our sewer systems with sound. It can probably fixed a clogged toilet or sink. One theory about the great pyramids of Egypt and the famous statues of Easter island was that we were visiting thousands of years ago from extra terrestrial beings from distant planets and have taught us how to move these objects using sound or they have just helped us move them.

Producers, engineers, recording studios, and song writers need more recognition. This is just terrible that these great people and studios are not in the spotlight as much as the artist is. Why is that? The artist is nothing and they don’t have the understanding what is really involved in the whole creative process of recording, mixing, and mastering. Music production they can do either by copying and pasting samples or loops using a computer or live instrumentation. That’s their niche. But something is lost. Lets take a few names for example, George Martin, Eddie Kramer, Andrew Scheps, Tony Maseratti ( I know thats a bad ass name) and Rick Rubin. The average person will probably recognize one or two of those names. If the artist becomes famous and is on morning news stations performing well the engineer or producer should either be part of their entourage or be interviewed with the artist as well. It’s so sad. Just like with films. The composer of the film score, the post production that did sound design and mixing. The producer, the directors. Oh I don’t know how about the writers for christ sake! Everyone needs to be recognized to the public just as much as the actor or actress is. Oh I and I don’t believe in calling a female actress and actor. Not sure why that has changed but it sounds more formal and polite and elegant as well to say actress. So why are we focussing all our attention on the artist and actor or actress? Wouldn’t you think that society would be more involved and intrigued of all the people that are “behind the scenes?” I thought this is a nosey society? Maybe I am wrong? You all love gossip and love to find out why, what, who, when, where and how. So why are we neglecting these talented people? I just don’t understand it. I’m sitting here and I am really trying to come up with some type of explanation and I honestly can’t. Even TV and radio stations. The news anchors and radio hosts are well known all over. But not the team that puts everything together. Here’s what I say when I am in the studio. There is usually some type of conversation about how difficult my job be. My job isn’t difficult by any means. Maybe I like it too much. But I’m sure lots of other producers would have to agree with me. Especially when it comes to recording. Yeah placing microphones and getting levels and coaching the artist how and when to sing the lyric or to play the instrument is the easy part because I’m just sitting down and pushing buttons and sliding faders up and down. But the artist has it difficult. Doing takes over and over. Frustration can occur as well as self doubt. Now for News anchors and radio hosts they have it easy because they are just talking and reading their lines. But for film and TV shows the actors and actresses have it difficult because not only do they have to memorize their lines but they also have to memorize what type of facial expressions and even bodily movement. How to enter a room when to enter a room. Everything is done with timing and precision. Everyone is working together. If the ship goes down. Everyone goes down with it. Even the catering company is working together with the film crew on set. The IT guy fixing an internet server just so the radio station can communicate with other stations to get national news. All of these great people are working together and they aren’t recognized much and we barely show them any appreciation. I hope one day there can be some type of month or day to recognize all these people who are behind the scenes. Like National cheeseburger day, secretaries day, fathers, day, mothers day. If secretaries can have a day so can all these people. Call it people behind the scenes day or something like that. Even nurses. Stage crew on broadway or local play houses. Concession stands at movie theaters. Cashiers at all kinds of stores. Software developers. All these great people need to be recognized. It’s really a great feeling when someone recognizes your work and appreciates it as well. This would be a great way to motivate employees and even business owners as well. The more appreciation is shown. The harder these behind the scenes people will work. Then company makes more money and the employees make more money as well. It’s like a motor. You can have one part of the motor not working. If a piston goes the motor is essentially screwed. If the belt breaks, well thats it. Everything and everyone needs to be working together. Very few companies do this. You wouldn’t have people quitting. Or even getting fired for lack of work. Or being a “Debby Downer” because they are so miserable they hate their job and try to take other employees down with them or try to pass on their stress and negativity onto their fellow coworkers.


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