Music Philosophy

So for years people have been soul searching. Let’s try to analyze this for a moment. Cool? The question is, why the fuck does it take years? Is it because some of us are indecisive? Indecisive in a sense where we don’t do much or even any at all. Or have tried too many things we don’t even know what to choose or is it because some of us don’t even care? Instead of a catch 22 this should be a catch 23 then. It’s just like the American Classic movie, the good the bad and the ugly. Catch 22 is two sides, you’re dammed if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Kind of like positive and negative. Everything must have balance. Good and bad, yin and yang. So catch 23 is a total mind fuck. It doesn’t exist. But now what if it did? What if there was neutral then? Instead of being just positive and negative then there would be a neutral. Never heard of neutral energy. But now another mind fuck! Can neutral still have energy? Is neutral energy kind of like a storage cell for a battery? Which would be our human body? And the anode and cathode (plus and minus side) would be our physical and emotional energy. So this would all be like the good the bad and the ugly. Positive negative and neutral. For us to find our souls…oh wait a second I just realized something; you know when people say I want to go to college to find my self or whichever? They’re actually saying to find my soul. Once you find something you’re truly passionate about you are very happy but you feel like you’re energetic and you work at it till its 500lbs and once you lift boy do you feel like a huge wait has been lifted! Pun intended (in a philosophical manner) oh I’ll keep fucking with your mind lol. More people need to find their souls. What makes you happy? Working out 24/7? Be a fitness trainer or a gym owner. Like money be an accountant or financial planner. Like being around cars be a mechanic or be a car designer. Like music be a producer or artist. See one thing about being a record producer is I feel like you’re still an engineer but you do more. An engineer will fix cables headphones or channel strips on a console if some idiot spills something on the console and a tech can’t come in fix this week and u have a session in two days. An engineer will also set up and place microphones, patch cables and get levels and work the gear. But a record producer does one extra thing that I love doing the most. That is to help the artist(s) take they’re music to a whole new level and enhance it by 20%. It’s mainly to oversee the whole creative process. Hit the drums make the bass more thumpy, give me more staccato on the bridge with the keys, give me a scratchy 70s guitar melody in the first verse, watch your vibrato on your vocals. Being passionate for something is a great feeling to have you should want to be in a healthy competition so you can find out who’s the best. If you love what you’re doing but you still are u satisfied with your work. That’s because you just need to work more. Do you think Da Vinci was easy going when he made a mistake on one of his inventions or it was crooked or a centimeter off? You had to prove something to himself. That anything was possible and he worked on something TILL IT WAS COMPLETED!

The End. same bat time same bat channel. 😎✌️IMG_0708.JPG


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