Music is food for the Soul

So through the years of my life I have always been thinking, am i real? Are you real? Are we real? And is this real? I always felt at the same time I was thinking of being real or not, i felt like i was some place else sleeping and i am dreaming looking down on myself watching what i am doing. So does this mean when we die we wake up and go back to reality? Meaning new birth, new life just from the end of our physical bodies? So how what does this have to do with music? Well i will tell you. Music is food for the soul it brings yourself together or unites you with your soul if you will. As if you were separated. Music tends to bring everything back in place when something is lost or if something was never there. Music tends to alter the mood in positive and negative forms. Its a mind altering drug that is invisible. But if you use music to escape from the bad vibes, then DO IT. Music will alter your mood for the good if you just think it will. If you are angry and you listen to music and all you keep feeling is anger then the music will increase your anger no matter how emotional or how upbeat the piece of music is. Even though the musical creativity of the performer is so beautiful it should just make you feel good about yourself. No matter what the negativity, or truth in some cases being said. Music expression is some kind of subliminal message that is trying to be transmitted through not only sound waves but vibrations. Well, actually the sound waves are vibrations that are mixed frequencies traveling through a medium and are vibrating and bouncing off of objects for us to hear a sound. So what exactly do I mean by vibrating? These frequencies are vibrating in such a way we cannot feel it physically, So therefore we feel it emotionally. But what does this mean? It means that its touching our souls. Its making us feel one with the body. It vibrates and takes the shape and form of our souls and manifests a beautiful sensation on our emotions. In most cases thats why you random dance in your seat or bob your head or even whistle. You are just feeling good vibrations.

In the Early 50’s there was Elvis Presley, the father of rock m’ roll. In the 60’s there were the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane. While the Vietnam War was going on and protests were being formed. People were tuning them out and tuning into a certain sound that tickled there ear drums. Music is a positive sound wave. What is a sound wave? They are particles of energy that is a pattern of disturbance caused by the movement of energy traveling through a medium. Music is positive energy, it’s food for the soul and thats why I will never go hungry. People turned to music in the 60’s to make a statement for peace and love rather than war. But if you think about it, yeah peace and love is nice and all. But in theory people were listening to music as a form of therapy to escape the bad vibes. It’s a way of life. Music has been here since the dawn of time. Because everything makes a sound. Name one thing that does not make a sound? Well let’s just stay on track. I will discuss all this later.

Music is an international language that we all understand. We don’t have to understand the lyrics but we understand the energy that is giving off. Music is a special gift that people receive daily In the 60’s people have used music asa self expression towards how they were feeling through such a great but difficult era. No matter how depressed or how angry they were music always brought a smile to their faces. It’s just a powerful and motivational force. (if used in the right way) In todays time in the new millennium, technology has evolved yet alone people as well. The music today in the rock n’ roll genre sounds very similar. what happened to that “new sound again.” now we are in a recession and are in another war. I am not going to get into politics. But, I will again how people turn to music to help them cope. In the words of Bob Marley’s song Three Little birds, goes like this “ don’t worry about a thing ‘cause every lil thing will be alright,” It’s true if you focus on that beat it will make you think on a positive level. Focus on something that will tell you “every lil thing will be alright. “ that thing is music I’m not trying to portray a hidden message to people saying that music will heal them and act now for $19.99. You will be helping the economy and make yourself happy. No I am not being a salesman by any means. But I am saying this to you WAKE UP! Learn to smile turn on the radio, pop in a CD put your MP3 player on shuffle and sit with your family and just enjoy the music.Families did this in the past. So why can’t we do this in the present and future? Enjoy what you all enjoyed when you were young and pass it down to the next generation.

If you listen to a song and close your eyes everything that is going on in the world that is negative will just go away for 3-4 minutes as the average song plays. Now just imagine if you constantly listen to music and tune out the bad vibes. The outcome will lead to a huge weight being lifted off your spirit. Watching the news and sometimes reading the newspaper can diminish your positive way of thinking. So , this is why w all should really turn to music whenever we are feeling depressed or scared. Think about it! What is more powerful that music? Weapons? Money? Wrong wrong wrong. Music is such an amazing form of energy. You cant kill with music. Well only at the right frequency you can. But then again everything is used for good or evil. Everything must be balanced. what you can do is make everything at ease, lighter, happier and especially loving. Listen to some music and sit outside and it’s amazing how the music and your observation on life right before your eyes can feel like you are in your own music video. Amazingly there is a song for every daily situation in life. Music is a reflection in our lives how we want it to be or how it is currently. Music is just our fuel to give us the energy for our daily lives. That is why music is food for the soul. Music can take the words right out of your mouth to describe how you for that exact moment. What song is perfect for this moment?

Music is feeding us. so it can’t run out. If it does then we run out of fuel. Music helps us find our inner peace. Everything makes a sound no matter at what velocity or tempo. Or how every you wish to put it. Music to me stands for “ Most Unique Sound In the Cosmos. The are Every sound has some similarities or differences. But nothing is the same. They are just special in there own certain way. That’s why you cannot get bored with music. There is always something different to listen to. Music is an audible story. It has a beginning a middle and an end. It will take you on a visual journey if you close your eyes. Music is energy so therefore it is constantly giving off energy. There is no bad or good music. It is in the center of all negative and all positive. So it is simply neutral. It’s a balance. It can’t harm someone physically. There is not one moment in life where you cannot be hearing music. It’s a part of air because music travels through a medium. So if music is a medium and it travels within itself. So in essence it helps us survive. Well for some people. That’s why music is food for the soul. Music alters the mood. Yet, it “tunes the brain.” It gives us a tune up, just like we do to a car. It helps us maintain our emotions or our though process. Ever hear of the Mozart Effect? On Wikipedia the Mozart Effect is “A set of research results indicating that listening to Mozart’s music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as “spatial-temporal reasoning” and Popularized versions of the hypothesis, which suggest that “listening to Mozart makes you smarter”, or that early childhood exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on mental development.



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